Movement to Music

15 Minutes of Warm up:

When I say warm up this is including all muscle groups but in a slow gentle movement.

Feet tapping forwards. Tapping backwards, tapping sidewards in both directions, then putting it all together with forward ,side, back and repeat for both sides.

Also using the arms with circular movements in front, out to the side, in a circle movement then in long stretches up and down.

Then we have the neck movements side forward and back in small rotations to avoid any form of dizziness.

Clapping high, low, in circles, clapping quick and slow.

All the above can be done either standing or sitting what ever the class requires at the time.

35 Minutes of general movement:

Combining arms and legs to routines for the songs that are playing, whether Latin or in English. Also moving the mid-section from side to side increasing muscle strength to the abdominal area and the back area. This takes in approx. 8 songs in the years appropriate to the age of the clients. Whether the 1930 or 1950 to current day.

This section is full of clapping, laughing, and singing . Its their time to shine and enjoy the class to the fullest.

10 minutes for the stretching :

Of the legs and arms in a few movements and motions so that all muscle groups get a good stretch on cool down. Stretch the mid-section also, the neck rotation for stretch and shoulders for stretch. This is done to much slower music as stretching the muscle groups used is to be a gentle process, so that the client gets the most benefit out of the stretch.

The total time that is spent with the clients is one hour of exercise. In saying that any program always has a welcome and general chit chat, then discussion if it is possible on how the client felt about the hour spent. I call it quality bonding time with the clients, and I believe it is necessary for that special time.