Rewire Performance Practice Program

The Rewire Performance Practice Program aims to provide unique performance opportunities for music students of all ages, and to promote music engagement throughout the community. For many students, the only opportunity to perform is in music exams, which can be daunting and nerve-wracking. Students often spend many months working on pieces, only to perform them once in a exam.

At Rewire, we believe that music should be fun and accessible to everyone. Through our performance program, we hope to create spaces throughout the community for young people to perform and share their talents and hard work, and to provide opportunities for different community groups to connect over music.

Since 2017, Rewire has partnered with retirement villages around Melbourne to host concerts where students of all levels can perform for residents. The program aims to:

  • offer older adults an opportunity to engage in a musical community
  • provide young people with opportunities to perform in a stress and judgement free environment
  • use music performances as an opportunity to bring together different sectors of the community
  • promote the health benefits of music to performers, educations and audiences alike

Rewire Performance Team

Zara Thompson

Performance Practice Coordinator
Zara is a registered music therapist (RMIT) and an instrumental teacher base in Melbourne. For over ten years, Zara has run a provate teaching studio in the south-eastern suurbs, teaching people of all ages and abilities.

Since training as a music therapist, Zara has become increasingly interested in the role music education can play in promoting music as a resource for students to use throughout their lives. Zara is passionate about helping music students, educators and audiences realise the potential music has to bring people together beyond the stage or exam room.

In her role as an RMIT, Zara works in community settings with people with disabilities, children in out of home care, and is currently completing her PhD research working with people with dementia and their caregivers in community-based choirs. Zara also helps to coordinate a community music program that engages people who are seeking asylum and promotes multicultural music in the community.

Daniel Liston

Daniel is an Australian musician based in Melbourne. He completed his Masters in Music Performance (Classical Piano) in 2013 studying under Robert Chamberlain, and currently works as an instrumental teacher, accompanist and composer from his home studio in Melbourne’s South-East. Daniel is an award winning pianist who has performed at prestigious venues and events both locally and abroad, including Federation Square, the Port Fairy Spring Music Festival, 3MBS Radio, with the Team of Pianists, and on tour with Yamaha Music in Bangkok, Thailand. Daniel also works as a video game composer, performs in heavy metal bands, and regularly contributes to Melbourne-based podcast ‘I Used To Play Piano’ as an audio engineer.

Nicholas Marturano

Nicholas is a Melbourne based multi instrumentalist, producer and music educator. He studied a Bachelor of Music with Honours at Monash University under Dr. Mikhail Solovei and Len Vorster. Nicholas is a working musician who regularly plays in Melbourne with the Baker Boys and other corporate entertainment promoters. Nicholas is a keen jazz pianist and saxophonist and has studied the language of jazz under Steve Sedergreen and Mirko Guerrini. Nicholas has a love for electronic music and has produced music for many artists both locally and interstate. Nicholas is a fine music educator and teachers a range of instruments in schools across the Melbourne area.

Nancy Tsou

Nancy is an award winning, Melbourne-based pianist. Nancy was born to a diplomatic family of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and started learning the piano from the age of five, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, before continuing her studies in Melbourne and New York. Nancy was awarded a scholarship to study at the Conservatorium, Melbourne University, where she gained a Master of Music degree, and has since taught at the Universities of Melbourne, Monash and Wollongong. In addition, she has also worked as a piano examiner for the AMEB, and adjudicator for competitions, as well as performing both locally and internationally.