Rewire Rhythm

Rewire has recently partnered with Ivanhoe RSL, Austin Health and the University of Melbourne to conduct ground-breaking research into the effects of group drumming on the social and psychological functioning of people with a history of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

Rewire Performance Practice Program

The Rewire Performance Practice Program aims to provide unique performance opportunities for music students of all ages, and to promote music engagement throuout the community. For many students, the only opportunity to perform is in music exams, which can be daunting and nerve-wracking. Students often spend many months working on pieces, only to perform them once in a exam.

Musical Memories Choirs

Musical Memories are community choirs made up of people who are living with a diagnosis of dementia and their family and friends. The choir is passionate about supporting those who have a diagnosis to thrive, and i.s. therapeutically designed to create opportunities for social support, cognitive stimulation and musical expression.

Rewire Music Therapy

Since 2017, Prof. Felicity Baker and music therapist, Matt Lewin, have been providing weekly music therapy sessions to members of a memory support group, as well as a group of hospital inpatients suffering from mental health disorders.

Movement to Music

Zumba is an amazing exercise program and in saying that it is gentle on the body but effective at the same time. Zumba is dancing to music basically. Again once the music starts the body automatically goes into tapping mode followed by awesome dance moves.

Running for Rewire

On Sunday October 15th, our two facilitators of the Rewire Musical Memories Choirs – Nick and Zara – are running in events as part of the Melbourne Marathon to raise funds for the choirs! Nick is braving the half marathon, while Zara is attempting a 10km!

We promote the health benefits of music and music therapy.

We promote the health benefits of music and music therapy.