Drumming to get back in-sync

Drumming is fun, easy to learn, and research shows group drumming can reduce stress, boost immune function, and foster strong social connections.

In partnership with the University of Melbourne, Ivanhoe RSL and Austin Health, Rewire Rhythm director, Dr James Richmond conducted ground-breaking research into the effects of group drumming on the social and psychological functioning of people with a history of trauma. The videos on this page illustrate some of the positive outcomes of the pilot program.

Since then, James has facilitated drumming groups tailored to the needs of diverse parts of the community, including:

  • Survivors of abuse
  • Aged care residents
  • Socially isolated international students
  • Homeless people

James currently facilitates drumming groups in various settings, including corporate, health care, community and education sectors. James periodically runs community-based groups ranging from single-session to 10-week programs.

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Video credit: Chris Hopkins

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Rewire RythmRewire Rhythm – A 10-week program for trauma survivors

The Rewire Rhythm program is collaborative, challenging and enjoyable. Participants drum together with a facilitator and occasional guest musicians, for ten weekly 90 min sessions, with the option to create a recording and/or a public performance.

No prior musical experience is necessary and loan instruments are provided.<

Distinct from traditional music therapy, this innovative program brings clinical psychology and neuroscience together with community music.

  • Harnessing the power of music to rewire the brain.
  • Using rhythm as a powerful way to connect people with each other, and with their own internal rhythms.
  • Drumming up empowerment and reconnection.
  • Helping people get back ‘in-sync.’

Rewire Rhythm aims to equip participants with the resources to continue running their own drumming group after the initial 10-week program. As other groups complete the program, participants can access more opportunities for collaboration and group performances, providing ongoing creative outlet and building a community of empowered, resilient drummers.

The program is delivered by Dr James Richmond, BA(mus), BSc (Psych) Hons, MPsych, PhD., a clinical psychologist, trained percussionist and experienced music educator.

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