Karen Stillman- Movement to Music

As the newbie to the team of professionals with Rewire, I hereby bring with me a wealth of knowledge in the fitness industry and what works for all types of body structures.
Whether aging elders or 4-year-old children. Exercise whether tapping the feet, walking around the house, more intense up beat all to music is amazing for the body.
I started in exercise when I was 16 years old then progressed into studying and becoming an Aerobic instructor, from there I went on to be a personal trainer and working from home in my spare time as I have a panel repair business, which I have owned with my husband now for 20 years. Other positions have been Real Estate and working in the Banking industry.
With further study and training I am now a Zumba instructor of all Zumba formats, whether Zumba, Zumba Gold for the aging elders, Zumba toning which is done with light weight sticks, Strong by Zumba which is upbeat and more intense on the body, Zumba kids and Zumba kids Jnr, and Aqua Zumba exercise in the water.
Zumba is an amazing exercise program and in saying that it is gentle on the body but effective at the same time. Zumba is dancing to music basically. Again once the music starts the body automatically goes into tapping mode followed by awesome dance moves.
Zumba has encouraged me to not only work with all the different age groups but also create a program to work with children that are bullied, children that have attention disorders, aging elders, older people with limited movement etc.

The Zumba program I believe will be of benefit to what this charity Rewire is all about.

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